AMANTE Black Pearl

Due to the natural extracts composing the products, the specially created face, hand, foot and body care line AMANTE guarantees fast hands’ skin recovery and optimal protection from the unfavorable environmental conditions, and ensures feet relax, regeneration and nourishment.

Nourishing & Revitalizing hand cream – 75 ml.

The hand cream is specially developed for intensive, nourishing and revitalizing care. Its formulation ensures effective protection against unfavorabl...

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Moisturizing & Softening hand cream – 75 ml.

The special formulation of the hand cream ensures daily care against unfavorable environmental conditions. Olive oil contains a...

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Nourishing & Revitalizing universal cream – 200 ml.

The universal cream provides ultimate care for all skin types. Grapeseed oil is the most powerful natural antioxidant which helps the fast recovery of...

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Moisturizing & Softening universal cream – 200 ml.

The special formula universal cream ensures daily skin care, making it supple and soft. Skin feels fresh and hydrated. Olive oil contains all types of...

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