F Achro Factor

The whitening series F Achro Factor comprises the major face & hand care products carefully formulated to lighten skin and make it radiant bright.

Whitening Face Mask

Whitening face mask 100ml. Facial mask enriched with active complex of whitening effect plant extracts from parsley, cucumber and liquorice; balanc...

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Whitening Face Wash

Whitening face wash 100ml. Washing gel that gently and effectively cleanses and refreshes the skin, and preserves its natural moisture. Due to its ...

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Whitening Face Cream

Whitening face cream - 45 ml. A light cream with a whitening effect, preventing the appearance of pigmentation spots. The UV filter protects the fa...

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Whitening & Hydrating 2 in 1 Face Cream

Whitening & hydrating 2 in 1 face cream - 50 ml. Light cream with whitening and moisturizing effect. Balances complexion, moisturizes skin and ...

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Whitening Hand Cream

Whitening hand cream 50ml. A whitening cream specially formulated for complete daily hands skin care. Hydrates, nourishes and softens the skin; the...

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