Toothpaste MAXDENT Whitening Coffee & Tobacco – 75 ml.

Toothpaste MAXDENT WHITENING COFFEE & TOBACCO is specially developed to remove plaque and restore the natural color and strength of tooth enamel. ...

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Toothpaste MAXDENT Sensitive Max Protect – 75 ml.

Toothpaste MAXDENT SENSITIVE MAX PROTECT - for an effective care for the sensitive teeth. Potassium nitrate helps relieve the pain and forms a protect...

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Toothpaste MAXDENT Parodont Herbal Active – 75 ml.

Toothpaste MAXDENT PARODONT HERBAL ACTIVE is suitable for use in the case of inflamed gums. It contains a complex of natural ingredients for the preve...

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Toothpaste Aquarelle Herbal

Toothpaste Aquarelle Herbal - 75 ml. Anti-caries toothpaste with fluorine and natural herb extracts. Strengthens tooth enamel and gums. It has anti...

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Toothpaste Aquarelle Complex

Toothpaste Aquarelle Complex - 75 ml. Toothpaste with active fluorine and calcium which restricts accumulation of tooth plaque. It has an anti-cavi...

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Toothpaste Aquarelle Bioactive

Toothpaste Aquarelle Bioactive - 75 ml. Anti-caries toothpaste with anti-inflammatory effect. The allantoin, included in the formula stimulates the...

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Toothpaste Aquarelle Classic

Toothpaste Aquarelle Classic - 75 ml. Family anti-caries toothpaste with middle abrasive effect. Strengthens tooth enamel and removes bacteria. Flu...

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Toothpaste Aquarelle Whitening

Toothpaste Aquarelle Whitening - 75 ml. Anti-caries whitening toothpaste removes dark stains from teeth and prevents tartar formation. Provides you...

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Toothpaste Aquarelle Baking Soda

Toothpaste Aquarelle Baking Soda - 75 ml. Daily prophylactic toothpaste. The sodium bicarbonate, included in the formula has a good cleaning effect...

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