BELLE’FINE is the magic of the perfect, absolute color, combined with the matter of the strong, healthy and cared hair.


Insiped by the marvelousness of the Rose, the Queen of Flowers, and its treasure qualities, the new toothpaste series gets you one step closer to human-nature equilibrium


Maximum Dental Effectiveness! Maximum Results!

About us

STS Holding Group Ltd is one of the leading producers of personal care products in South Eastern Europe. Thanks to the experience gained through the years, we have managed to refine the highest production standards, proven ingredient quality and commitment to excellence in every business process.

Our dedicated Innovation department is committed to provide continuous delivery of new formulations to meet the highest level of satisfaction among customers. The long history, experience and our carefully developed products place STS Cosmetics among preferred partners by retailers, distributors and end customers across the world. 

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Quality and Certification

and Certification

Our whole production range is in strict conformity with the international standards. Quality is being monitored daily at our own laboratories and managed in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000.

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Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing Excellence

Our key ambition is achieving progress in the name of the consumer by producing only modern, fashionable and first-quality cosmetics, created with care of good appearnace and health of consumers.

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Vision and Goals

and Goals

We are performing intense researches at our own laboratories. We are constantly upgrading the quality and appearance of our existing products while developing new ones.

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Private Label Services

Private Label Services

We have designed our own equipment for manufacture of laminate tubes – a type of packaging material possessing excellent barrier properties and suitable for packaging of toothpaste and gel products.

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Private Label

For us, making private label is an additional service that we’re providing to our clients besides our standard production line. Based on the long-term trust we have developed stable partnerships with many reputed companies and throughout the years we gained much experience in manufacturing high quality cosmetic products under the brand names of our customers. We support our private label customers by developing the formulations they need, and supplying them with private label products with constant quality.

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