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Hand cream „ROSE RIO”

Hand cream „ROSE RIO” 65ml. HYDRATING AND NOURISHING Hydrating and nourishing care for the dry and delicate hands’ skin, thanks to
  • ORGANIC ROSE WATER – hydrates and restores skin elasticity
  • VITAMIN Е – active antioxidant, keeping skin softness.
  • GRAPE SEED OIL – nourishes and controls the hydro balance.

Moisturizing & Softening hand cream – 75 ml.

The special formulation of the hand cream ensures daily care against unfavorable environmental conditions. Olive oil contains all types of fat soluble vitamins, valuable elements, phytosterols, phospholipids and extracts. It quickly and effectively nourishes, soothes and hydrates dry and irritated skin.

Moisturizing Hand Lotion

Moisturizing hand lotion - 100 ml. The moisturizing hand lotion AMANTE instantly hydrates, smoothes and provides a sense of comfort for the dry and delicate hands skin due to the almond oil and vitamins A and E.

Nourishing & Revitalizing hand cream – 75 ml.

The hand cream is specially developed for intensive, nourishing and revitalizing care. Its formulation ensures effective protection against unfavorable environmental conditions. Grapeseed oil controls the hydro balance and helps the fast recovery of skin integrity by soothing and softening it.

Protective Hand Cream

Protective hand cream - 100 ml. The protective hand cream AMANTE enriched with the invigorating energy of macadamia oil and honey extract, retains water balance and increases the strength, elasticity and freshness of hands skin.

Rejuvenating Hand Cream

Rejuvenating hand cream - 100 ml. The rejuvenating hand cream AMANTE enriched with argan oil and vitamine A is the natural solution for rejuvenating hands skin and ensuring better elasticity, freshness and strength.

Whitening Hand Cream

Whitening hand cream 50ml. A whitening cream specially formulated for complete daily hands skin care. Hydrates, nourishes and softens the skin; the whitening effect combination of plant extracts from parsley, cucumber and liquorice, lightens pigmentation spots and balances complexion.

Feel comfortable in your own skin.