Established in 1990 in the town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria, STS Holding Group LTD. has gradually earned itself the reputation of being a reliable and loyal partner, becoming a name in the country and world-wide. STS is an established and leading manufacturer of personal care products such as Toothpastes, Hair Dyes,  Shampoos, Conditioners and Hand/Face/Body products.



Vision and Goals

STS Holding Group Ltd. is developing and identifying itself as a company striving to meet the current consumer needs and requirements while following the fast pace of the modern world by upgrading product formulations, artworks and packaging.

STS Holding Group Ltd. takes advantage of the constant development of ingredients, technology and ecology generating new consumer needs and opening up new horizons in the cosmetics.

Unveiling these novelties we create innovative and fashionable products to meet the specific needs of the modern consumer, with an emphasis on health and beauty care.

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Manufacturing and Excellence

Our company is with many years of experience and traditions, specialized in the development, production and sales of cosmetic and oral hygiene products for a number of foreign markets.

Over the years, we have won consumer confidence through uncompromised quality and affordable products for health and beauty care. We produce high-quality cosmetics strictly following all requirements of the European regulations.

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Private Label Services

For us, making private label is an additional service that we’re providing to our clients besides our standard production line. Based on the long-term trust we have developed stable partnerships with many reputed companies and throughout the years we gained much experience in manufacturing high quality cosmetic products under the brand names of our customers.

We support our private label customers by developing the formulations they need, and supplying them with private label products with constant quality.

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Quality and Certificates

STS Holding Group Ltd is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP DIN EN ISO 22716 standards

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