ROSE RIO Beauty Program

Inspired by the marvelousness of the Rose, the Queen of Flowers, and its treasure qualities, the new cosmetic series Rose Rio Beauty Program feasts you with the benefits of organic rose water, vitamins, and nourishing oils, delicately blended in the formulations of the products to enliven your daily regime and immerse you into beauty.

Face Cream Rose Rio – 50 ml

Rose Rio face cream with its moisturizing and regenerating formula provides a feeling of comfort and velvety softness to facial skin

Facial Scrub Rose Rio 100 ml

Facial Scrub Rose Rio removes impurities and dead skin cells, providing smooth and fresh skin

Hand & Nail cream Rose Rio – 75 ml

Rose Rio Hand and Nail Cream with its intensive, moisturizing, and restorative care for dry and delicate hand skin

Moisturizing Body Cream Rose Rio – 150 ml

Moisturizing body cream - with a light, silky texture, providing optimal hydration levels for soft and elastic skin.